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  Choose the Most Reliable Exports

Before you order any vehicles from Japan you need to find most reliable Japanese used car exporters. In Japan used car export is one of the leading business and there are many companies you will find online, but the question here is which one is the most reliable.
Below are some of the important points that will help you decide if a company is reliable or not.

    Should have a proper website and office address attached to google.
    Should have proper stock inventory, beware some companies have uploaded fake pictures from auctions.
    Should have good amount of reviews and testimonial from clients, it has been noticed that some companies have hidden their.
    Reviews on social media pages we would advise to keep away from them.
    Should be member of trade organization, in Japan Jumvea is one of the leading organization.
    Check their numbers and company you are dealing with their number should start from +81 this verifies that company is operating from Japan.

     NOTE: Many used car exporters are operating from countries such as Philippines, India and Pakistan we would advise not to deal with
    them. Always deal with company operating from Japan.

  Get Complete Information of the Vehicle you are Purchasing

Now after you have decided which company you are going to buy your vehicle from, the next step is to do proper checks on the vehicle.

You are purchasing from Japan. Below are some of the important points to follow:

     Always ask for full chassis number of the vehicle, there are many sites online where you can verify if that vehicle exist.
     Always ask for complete detail pictures minimum of 8 pictures that will give you an exact idea of the condition of the vehicle.
     Doing these easy steps will make it easier for you to choose good quality vehicles.

   Verifying Their Accounts Detail

After you have decided the vehicle, at this time you will move on to making a payment for that invoice is required. The company will Issue you an invoice, there are some important things that need to be checked before proceeding for payment.

Verify the content of invoice like Date invoice is issued, vehicle details, director signatures and company stamp. Always check the account details mentioned on the invoice matches to account details mentioned on their website. Only deposit payment to Bank account in Japan, if any company ask you to deposit payment in their sub office which is not in Japan, don’t proceed for Payments.